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Martín Ubilluz, a native Peruvian, was raised all over South America and moved to the US when he was 15 years old. Martin fell in love with cinematography during his teens working as 35mm projectionist. Striking out on his own he has grown into one of the best up and coming Directors of Photography Miami has to offer. As a Director of Photography and Cinematographer, he is raw talent that brings an experienced and unique vison to his work. It's a rare blend of organic and stylish composition; and artistic lighting. Always studying, always advancing, always thinking, Martín is truly talented and is the DP you want on your side.


Martin, loves working with a team of creatives to produce the best image possible. Supported by experienced AC's and Gaffers, he provides that "sought after" high end and stylish film quality everyone looks for. If needed Martin will take each project through the coloring phase making sure the footage is digitally exposed for the best quality and look. Whether it's a commercial, music video or film, Martin is an excellent choice for your cinematography needs.

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